Rooftop Resort

Rooftop Resort Pool
Masquerade Ball

Better Wetter Pool Party

Fetish Party

Halloween Weekend

White Glow Party

Saturday, November 12th
Swinger Date Club: Official Zodiac Community Party

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Swingers Date Club

Sunday, November 13th
Swinger Date Club: Sunday Afternoon Pool Party

Noon till 5:00 PM

Visit the flyer & save the date.
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Held on the 2nd Sunday of every month.
Swingers Date Club

Swing Bi Dance and Play Party

Original Sin Party

Sunday, November 20th
Official SLS Event - Sunday Afternoon Pool Party

SLS at the Rooftop Weekend Continues with South Florida's sexiest pool party and BBQ.

SLS hosting with prizes, giveaways and great music.

BYOB bar

Pool party from noon to 5:00 PM. Hotel amenities will still be available to day pass guests until 8:00 PM.

Official SLS Event
Held on
3rd Sunday of every month.

Havana Tropicana

Better Wetter Pool Party

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Afternoon

Club Eden at the Rooftop!

Every Monday

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Thursdays

Turn It Up Thursday

Friday Night Affair

BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze)

Rooftop Resort is a BYOB Property. We provide sexy bartenders & complimentary set-ups for all Swing Lounge & Club events, naked pool parties and special occasions.

Guests are welcome to bring their beverage of choice anytime they wish.

Lockers are provided for your convenience.

Please bring your own padlock and pool towel.

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